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Where to Eat during TET Holidays

Tet Holiday in Nha Trang: 

Where to Eat Vegetarian and Traditional Dishes

Nha Trang during Tet holiday flaunts its exuberant, joyful atmosphere typical of a coastal city, elevated by the long-awaited springtime. After long time stay at home, everything started to come back and start all over again. Localites and tourists immerse in the festivity of traditional customs such as hái lộc*, lì xì**, and attending either church or temple to pray for good fortune.

Tet is the season of travelling and spending quality time with family and friends, but Vietnamese women usually have their hands full preparing family banquets of elaborate traditional foods for the whole family. There usually is both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes to satisfy different needs and tastes.

Understanding the need for a well-rounded food experience during this festive season, The Square Restaurant by Novotel Nha Trang will remain open throughout Tet while other dining options in Nha Trang are usually closed.

On the First Day of Tet, families often choose vegan food to start the year with Zen energy. Our Head Chef at The Square Restaurant has curated a menu of specialty dishes such as rice flour pancakes, lac thien soup, seaweed salad, tropical fruits and traditional Vietnamese cakes. After visiting your elders, why not gather the entire family for a perfect vegetarian meal that is wholesome in flavour and extravagant in style at Novotel Nha Trang.

From the Second and Third Day of Tet onward, we offer special lunch buffets with a variety of scrumptious foods to satiate all palates: from freshly caught seafood to world-renowned cuisines, and above all that, we pay great attention to Tet-centric dishes such as stewed bamboo shoots, pig’s ears brined in fish sauce, glutinous rice cakes, pickled vegetables, pickled scallion heads, melon seeds, candied coconut ribbons and a wide array of traditional Vietnamese cakes.

In addition to great food, your family is invited to watch the Lion dance performance – an activity to bring good luck to the New Year.

Tet is not all about busying yourself with making the most sophisticated selections of dishes, but more about spending quality time and chilling with family and friends. Making beautiful memories while still being able to savour good food. Whether you’re a tourist or local, staying at Novotel Nha Trang or elsewhere, you can always come to The Square Restaurant to delight in delicious Tet meals at great value prices.

Program details:

First Day of Tet Vegetarian set menu             : 250.000VND for 2 people

(soft drinks/iced tea included)

Second & Third Day of Tet Lunch buffet         : 299.000VND / person

(soft drinks/iced tea included)

Call: 0258 625 6936 if you need more information or book the table.


* hái lộc – to pluck a flowering branch off a tree on New Year’s Day, a sign of new life and prosperity.

** lì xì – children receive lucky money in red envelopes in return for their wishes of happiness and prosperity to parents and elders.


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