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5 questions on Kid N Cook

Novotel Nha Trang continues to receive countless questions related to the cooking classes, Kid N Cook. Below, we answer 5 common questions that parents often send.

  1. How many courses per dish?
    One course one dish
    Two courses per month
  2. How much dose it cost a course?
    299,000 per kid
  3. My kid is 4 year-old. Can he attend the courses?
    This depends on the which course is teaching. For the common Pizza, 4 year-old is minimum required.
  4. What time do the course?
    From 3 pm to 5 pm, Sundays.
  5. How to book?
    Call +84 258 625 6936 or send a message to Novotel Nha Trang’s Facebook page.

Kids Can Cook was presented by Novotel Nha Trang within 2016 and 2017. This 2018, the name has changed to Kid N Cook without eliminating its value is to create a playground for Nha Trang children to learn, play and experience the world of cuisine.

Novotel Nha Trang would like to welcome all the kids to the hotel.

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